Monday, 15 October 2012

Research on William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is very well known for his skillful play-writing abilities.

List of plays written by Shakespeare, William.


William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. He is often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".
BornApril 23, 1564, Stratford-upon-avon
DiedApril 23, 1616, Stratford-upon-avon
SAD:( <--- He died on his birthday:O
SpouseAnne Hathaway (m. 1582–1616)
EducationKing Edward VI School Stratford-upon-avon

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The door

A painted, scratched, wall of wood sits patiently at the enterance of the house,
It waits patiently for visitors to arrive, and beat on it's chipped surface,
It is a welcome sign, inviting it's visitors to approach,
Ready to open, to anyone who asks.

The handle is like a key,
turning and twisting,
The light reflects on its silver metal skin.

The door swings open, shut, open, shut.
It sways with a creak, in and out.
Pushed to the side, shoved against the wall.
Countless hands, leaving their prints on the front of the door.

Sheding paint in the painful sun,
Resting, in the cold night,
Waitng patiently for visitors to arrive,
and beat on it's chipped surface.

Venus Callan

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I was free. I wondered out into the cold night air. Everything had just happened was too much for me too handle. I.. I just had to stab something! I felt evil. It must have been that glowing stuff that Tim was going on about. What was I to do? I couldn't just go out there and stab something like a an evil sick minded freak. I quickly unraveled the paper in an envelope that I had found next to the camera. It said 62 Sesame Street on it. But that was all the way in Iraqmgjkdjkyh, how could I travel there? I searched curiously again through the envelope,  and alas, there was an air ticket. Hours later the evil thoughts rushed back again, I just could not control myself, so in the next few minutes I killed 7 puppies, 3 unicorns a reindeer and Justin B. But was the last one really a crime? I mean, what's up with his new song, it's terrible. Like is he supposed to be ghetto? Well i'm sure that made up for the last few crimes. You're welcome world.

Iraqmgjkdjkyh is weirder than I thought? There was peace everywhere, and ponies vomiting rainbows. What could possibly be wrong with this place? Why would my father send me to such a peaceful place, I was sure he wanted me to stop evil or something more productive of my time. There I was 62 Sesame Street, it was strange. Too strange. There were 3 boxes right in the middle of an ally way, I lifted the first one and it was a hobo. I lifted the second one and out came thing 2 and thing 1. The third one was next, as I lifted it, surprisingly, there is a bomb.

The bomb destroyed the world. (except for me.) I.. I couldnt believe it......... Three words, only three words I could say to describe the situation. (suspense)... those three words are....,....,...GOOD LUCK WILLIAM. mwahahhahahahahahah.


Thursday, 31 May 2012


It was Yet another cold night, wrapped in a torn and worn-out blanket, gazing peacefully at the stars which hung above, Aaron dreamt of his longing goal to find his family. He spent his recent nights like this. Alone. He was not afraid, although he was not in the comfort of his home, he was far from it. Aaron, as he stared at the necklace was rather happy. The necklace strapped around his neck gave him a sense of hope that someday it would lead him back to his loved ones. With a deep breath of freezing night-air he grasped the necklace and thrust it towards his chest, just as he drifted away to sleep.

As the frost on the grass turned to dew, Aaron arose from his sleep and prepared to set off right away. The fog in the distance and the towering hills nearby did not frighten Aaron, he was determined as any other day. Hours went past without food, but he did not even notice. His perseverance in this trial had overcome any other human instincs. He wondered and searched as far as his legs could carry him, until the collapsed right on the spot which indicated a time for a brief rest. He thought to himself about how privilaged he was to have a blanket and some supplies to last him through these tough 8 days.

Those supplies were forced upon him by his mother, she declared, "It's bettter to have more than to have less!" As she threw museli bars and unlimited amounts of junk food into his pack. Aaron knew she was only concerned about him running low on food or other items. His moher always thought of the worst possible situation when Aaron would go out to camps. The time had come, when the school bus arrived outside Aarons house and excited kids moved around the bus anxiously waiting for his arrival. He said his farewells to his parents and litle sister then he ran towards the bus. It took hours before they had reached the destination, but finally they were here. This place was swarmed with flowers and trees and different shades of green. It was beautiful. It took several hours to walk to the campsite and several hours to set up the tents and chat with the others. Before they knew it, the sun had hidden beneath the sky and it was time for bed.

Several days had gone by, it felt as if the days were cars on a motorway, drifting by so quickly one after the other. Until, the last day were everything was rushed, everything was everywhere and the clock was a bomb, counting down to the deadline. No-one cared about what they may have left behind and they made sure no-one got in the way of them packing their belongings before the bus would leave without them. It felt like everyone was all over the place, scattering off on their own path to the bus, the teachers were slowly going crazy. Finally everything was packed into his bag and he could leave like all the other kids, he ran down the left path, then took a right, left, right, over a bridge and a long right. Aaron stood still and realised that he was far away from the other kids, he actually did not walking over a bridge on the way to the camp site. At that very moment he realised he was lost. LOST.

All that lead him right here, leaning on the trunk of a tree, resting. It was getting dark quickly so Aaron travelled back to where he had slept the night before. He lay down tired and weary. It was Yet another cold night, wrapped in a torn and worn-out blanket, gazing peacefully at the stars which hung above, Aaron dreamt of his longing goal to find his family. Suddenly... a flash light hovered around above him, a shouting voice cried, "Aaron, Aaron are you there?!" He jumped up as he recognised the voice who would usually call him for dinner, or called told him sternly to tie up an un-done button. He scrreamed, "Mum!" The flash light bounce towards him, followed by screams of joy and relief. It was over. He could go home now.

A search party crowded around him, his family threw their arms around him and the others cheered for joy. As they were on the bus going back home, his teacher sat down next to him to apologize for accidently leaving him behind, she had thought that he had left early like all the other kids. She noticed the silver piece hanging around his neck, she exclaimed, "Where did you find it?, I thought you lost it at camp."

He replied, "I spent all morning looking for it, and when I turned around everyone was gone." Then teacher looked at him in confusion and asked about why the necklace was so important to him. He stated, "I was given it from my father and mother, they told me that no matter where I am this will guide me home safely."

At last he reached home. The bed brought Aaron towards itself begging him to lie down. His parents sent him off to bed as they knew he could barely walk and that he was as worn out as the pair of jeans he has been wearing for the past days. Aaron tucked in underneath his cosy and well-missed blanket ready to drift off to sleep. It was Yet another cold night, wrapped in the comfort of his blanket, gazing peacefully at the ceiling which was placed above him, Aaron dreamt about the days he was lost but now is found.

By Venus